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Dolores Hulan

2013 / Dolores Hulan / White out / info + beeld

08 > 28.04 

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28.03 > 07.04 residentie/résidence Dolores Hulan

31.03 / 20.00

Dolores Hulan, Nathan French & Benjamin Richard Foy



Trapped in the shadowlands
between vibratory planes, 
the space diva shimmers in and
out of our consciousness.
Time has warped, 
the band have fled, 

and the mothership long since departed  





Gevangen in de schaduwlanden
tussen vibrerende vliegtuigen
komt de ruimtediva filteren
in en uit ons bewustzijn.
De tijd heeft een sprong gemaakt,
het orkest is gevlucht,
en het moederschip is al lang vertrokken


2013 / Heike and Renée / SWTB / INFO

- zitten met het lichaam - een onderzoek van Renée Copraij & Heike Langsdorf (retraite 1)

Tijdens twee test-retraites in 2012 lieten Renée Copraij en HeikeLangsdorf het beeld met de twee zittende lichamen drie keer per dag zien en werd ook al met andere mensen aan dit beeld gewerkt. In 2013 is de ontwikkeling van verschillende choreografiën gepland, die allemaal op dit eerste beeld gebaseerd zijn. Uiteindelijk zullen ze door Copraij en Langsdorf, maar ook door andere geïnteresseerde Brusselaars uitgevoerd worden.
"zitten met het lichaam is een oefening voor lichaam en geest waar iedereen altijd toegang toe heeft en die introspectief leert te kijken. We willen voor openbare plaatsen in de stad beelden ontwikkelen die je de ruimte in je eigen lichaam laten ervaren. Het eerste beeld dat we 3 keer per dag laten zien is deze oefening. Daarna, als de rolluiken dicht zijn, zijn we bezig met het volgende beeld." foto's

en - sitting with the body - a research by Renée Copraij & Heike Langsdorf (retreat 1)

During two test-retreats in 2012 Renée Copraij and Heike Langsdorf showed the image with the two sitting bodies three times a day and worked already with other people on this image. In 2013 they plan to develop choreographies, all of which will be based on this first image and eventually will be carried out by Copraij en Langsdorf as well as by other interested Brussels residents.
"sitting with the body is an exercise for body and mind which is accessible for everyone en which teaches 'to look inward'. We want to develop images with our bodies for public places in the city which let you experience the space in your own body. The first image we present is this exercise. When the shutters are closed we are busy with the next image." pics 

fr - être assis avec le corps - une recherche de Renée Copraij & Heike Langsdorf (retraite 1)

Pendant deux retraites d'essai en 2012 Renée Copraij et Heike Langsdorf montraient l'image avec les deux corps assis trois fois par jour et ils ont travaillé aussi avec d'autres personnes sur cette image. En 2013 ils planifient un développement des chorégraphies basées sur cette première image et qui seront finalement mises sur scène par Copraij et Langsdorf mais également par d'autres Bruxellois interessés.
"être assis avec le corps est un exercice pour le corps et l'esprit, ouvert à chacun, qui nous apprend à regarder introspectivement. Nous voulons développer des images pour l'espace public, qui permettent d'expérimenter l’espace dans vos propres corps. La première image, que nous présentons, est cet exercice. Quand les volets sont fermés, nous sommes occupées par l'image suivante."  photos


2013 / sitting with the body

Elke dag om 9h /12h /17u wordt een nieuwe sitting getoond. Zaterdag 9/2/2013 zijn er 6 sessies: 9h /11h /13h /15h Slotsessie: 17h met drinks Gedurende een volgende reeks van 10 dagen Zitten met het lichaam hebben we gezocht naar bewegingen die we kunnen combineren met het oorspronkelijke beeld van de twee zittende lichamen. Onafhankelijk van waar we de beweging hebben gevonden, proberen we deze uit te voeren in een meditatieve staat. Zaterdag tonen we enkele voorbeelden...
Tous les jours à 9h /11h / 17h une nouvelle sitting sera montrée. Samedi 9/2/2013 il y aura 6 sessions: 9h /11h /13h /15h Session de clôture: 17h avec boissons Pendant 10 jours de Sitting with the body, nous avons cherché des mouvements qu'on peut combiner avec l'image initiale des deux corps assis. Indépendemment d'où le mouvement trouvé nous est arrivé, nous essayons de l'exécuter dans un état méditatif.
Samedi nous montrerons quelques exemples...
Every day a new sitting is shown at 9h /12h /17u. / Saturday 9/2/2013 there wil be 6 sessions: 9h /11h /13h /15h Closing session: 17h with drinks During another 10 days sitting with the body we searched for movements that can be combined with the initial image of the two sitting bodies. Regardless to where the found movement footage came from, we attempt to execute it in a meditative state.
Saturday we will show some samples ...

30-04-2012 : first test-retreat at Zsenne_lab
15-10-2012 19: second test-retreat at Zsenne_lab 
28-01-2013 10 Feb 2013 : RETREAT 1 at Zsenne_lab
Brussels05-05-2013 16 May 2013 : RETREAT 2 at Zsenne_lab 
11-09-2013 22 Sep 2013: RETREAT 3 at Zsenne_lab / Brussels

research & performance : Renée Copraij, Heike Langsdorf / co-sitters : Gabriel Callealta, Kathleen Deboutte, Helena Dietrich,Katja Dreyer, Nelle Hens, Isabel Hoornaert, Dolores Hulan, Ariane Loze, Jo Massin, Gilles Polet, Christoph Ragg, Luc Emiel Rooman, Isabelle Wahedova, .../ foto-montage: Kirsten Langsdorf / photos : Christoph Ragg / drawing : Rudolph van Laban / translations : Alexander Baervoets, Khadija El Bennaoui, Ariane Loze / support & context : ZSenne art lab, Kunst/Werk, radical_hope / thanks to : Luc Emiel Rooman

2012 / REDEFINE Dolores Hulan


illustratie doloresThe research I would like to propose herewith is an approach towards a performance that constructs and deploys itself through the multi layering of its various elements - movement, costume, sound and light – which eventually all share the same weight in the work. Thus my interest lies in investigating in each of the elements separately, aswell as ultimately using the principle of layering also in the construction of the piece itself, playing with their interaction and interconnection.

It will be the story of a character that endlessly transforms into new beings, moving through a variety of identities, endlessly redefining its story through movement, costume and sound – each of them being considered as an extension of the body.

As the title suggests I’m interested in both redefining my artistic work so far on a personal level aswell as looking for a redefinition of the word “costume”, a redefining of a body, a moving body and an acoustic body.

“REDEFINE” – quite literally – aims to give a new definition and turn to the events at any given moment, shifting the situation in more or less subtle ways at any given time, and herewith leading to the notions of transformation, metamorphosis and identity.

collaborators: Jerry Killick, Eugénie Poste, Wendy Van Wynsberghe
supported by: PACT/Zollverein, Pianofabriek kunstenwerkplaats, Workspacebrussels (co-production) and Summerstudios/PARTS

Biography Dolores Hulan


Dolores Hulan, born 1975 in Austria, is a performer and maker living in Brussels.

She finishes her education in Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy in the Anton Bruckner University in Linz/Austria (1993 – 1997) and in the PEP (Performance Educational Program) in Leuven/Belgium (1998) - influential teachers include Mia Lawrence, David Hernandez, Bob Curtis, Andrew Harwood, Mark Tompkins, Mary Overly and Frey Faust amongst many others.

Ever since then she has been dancing and touring for various choreographers as well as producing her own work.

Her career starts with dancing for companies such as Esther Linley Dance Company, Bob Curtis Dance Company, Die Tanzenden and working for the choreographer Guillermo Horta.

In Austria she dances and tours notably with Willi Dorner (2000/2001) in the piece ‘back to return’ and Milli Bitterli (2006) in ‘Die Verschleudering des Ich’, in Belgium she works and tours with HushHushHush (1999/2000) amongst others.

From 2002 till 2006 Dolores joins the company Continuum/Brice Leroux, creating and touring the pieces ‘Gravitations’ and ‘Quasar’.

In 2009 she works with Mette Ingvartsen on ‘Giant City’ , touring the piece throughout 2010, aswell as the piece ‘Encore’ from Vincent Dunoyer which she takes part in as a replacement dancer.

In June 2010 she starts working with Eleanor Bauer on the piece ‘A Dance For The Newest Age’, which had its premiere in February 2011 in Brussels/Kaaitheatre.

Her first solo works include ‘No Sweet Conclusions’ (2001), ‘(Blind I) walk’ (2002), ‘Gudrun,’ (2003) and ‘White Spaces’ (2005).

In 2007 she receives the ‘Trajectory subsidies’ from the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie Brussels), which allows her to start her investigation in the relationship between architecture/design and dance, together with Carl De Smet/noumenon.

The research concludes in the piece ‘Performing Qualia | 1 | ‘, presented so far in DeSingel/Antwerp, Les Brigittines/Brussels, Kortrijk and BRUT/Vienna.

In 2009 they receive funding in form of Project subsidies from the Vlaamse Overheid and are supported by various institutions in Belgium for continuing the work – ‘Performing Qualia | 2 | had its premiere in June 2010 in Antwerp/Troubleyn, further shown in Les Brigittines/Brussels in December 2010 and in Netwerk Aalst adapated as a videoinstallation.

In 2011 she toured the pieces “Giant City” and “A Dance For The Newest Age” and starts her research on a new piece – “REDEFINE” - with residencies in PACT Zollverein/Essen, De Pianofabriek, Workspace Brussels and Summerstudios/PARTS.

She teaches dance as a guest docent in the architecture department in the St.Lucas University in Brussels as well as giving workshops in Brussels, Leuven, Konstanz and Vienna.

Furthermore she has been dancing and performing in various improvisation projects, collaborating with, among others, Florence Augendre and Julien Bruneau.

In 1996 and 2001 she receives the DanceWeb Scholarship for the ImpulsTanzfestival in Vienna, in 2000 she receives a scholarship for the research project ‘Gender Behaviour and Codification of Gesture’ led by Diane Thor (NY) in Lisbon.
In 2008 she intensively studies improvisation and contact improvisation in New York and Massachusetts, amongst others with Barbara Mahler and Nancy Stark Smith.


December 2011 - April 2012

Rémi Tamburini works on his new project 28/11/2011 till 29/1/2012

Dolores Hulan starts research from 30/1 till 5/2/2012

6/2 > 15/2 Jean Paul Lespagnard shows his research his new winter collection to be presented in Paris in march

16/2 > 26/2 a.pass and CRéaHM workshop

27/2 > 11/3 Dolores Hulan contunues her research

12/3 > 31/3 Robin Vanbesien 'Terre contre le ciel', a project about proximity and artistic subjectivity

Rémi Tamburini coninues his new project 1/4 > 29/4

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