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Robin Amanda

ROBIN AMANDA Sunset performances Fri 27 + Sat 28 June 19.00


Robin Amanda Faure Elastic time

“Piercing the surface of the water she passed from one medium to another, cutting through the smooth barrier of cohesive molecules she entered a world where sound and light were altered”.

Through autobiographical narrative the performance explores areas of convergence between science and spiritual practices, the macro and the micro, and the personal and the public.  
By exploring these permeable boundaries it hopes to provoke occasional glimpses of what lies beyond the surface of the hypotheses embedded in the everyday.



joshrosefutureRobin Amanda Creswell Faure 
Lost in Transcendence

nl - Robin Amanda deed het laatste jaar onderzoek naar de grenzen
tussen onze tastbare werkelijkheid en the last silence,
een narratief landschap.
Lost in Transcendence toont de artefacts die ze verzamelde
tijdens haar reis.
fr - Robin Amanda a passé l'année dernière à étudier
les frontières entre la réalité négocié et un paysage narratif
appelé the last silence.
Pour Lost in Trancendence, elle présente les artefacts recueillis
au cours de ses voyages.
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