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Biography Dolores Hulan


Dolores Hulan, born 1975 in Austria, is a performer and maker living in Brussels.

She finishes her education in Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy in the Anton Bruckner University in Linz/Austria (1993 – 1997) and in the PEP (Performance Educational Program) in Leuven/Belgium (1998) - influential teachers include Mia Lawrence, David Hernandez, Bob Curtis, Andrew Harwood, Mark Tompkins, Mary Overly and Frey Faust amongst many others.

Ever since then she has been dancing and touring for various choreographers as well as producing her own work.

Her career starts with dancing for companies such as Esther Linley Dance Company, Bob Curtis Dance Company, Die Tanzenden and working for the choreographer Guillermo Horta.

In Austria she dances and tours notably with Willi Dorner (2000/2001) in the piece ‘back to return’ and Milli Bitterli (2006) in ‘Die Verschleudering des Ich’, in Belgium she works and tours with HushHushHush (1999/2000) amongst others.

From 2002 till 2006 Dolores joins the company Continuum/Brice Leroux, creating and touring the pieces ‘Gravitations’ and ‘Quasar’.

In 2009 she works with Mette Ingvartsen on ‘Giant City’ , touring the piece throughout 2010, aswell as the piece ‘Encore’ from Vincent Dunoyer which she takes part in as a replacement dancer.

In June 2010 she starts working with Eleanor Bauer on the piece ‘A Dance For The Newest Age’, which had its premiere in February 2011 in Brussels/Kaaitheatre.

Her first solo works include ‘No Sweet Conclusions’ (2001), ‘(Blind I) walk’ (2002), ‘Gudrun,’ (2003) and ‘White Spaces’ (2005).

In 2007 she receives the ‘Trajectory subsidies’ from the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie Brussels), which allows her to start her investigation in the relationship between architecture/design and dance, together with Carl De Smet/noumenon.

The research concludes in the piece ‘Performing Qualia | 1 | ‘, presented so far in DeSingel/Antwerp, Les Brigittines/Brussels, Kortrijk and BRUT/Vienna.

In 2009 they receive funding in form of Project subsidies from the Vlaamse Overheid and are supported by various institutions in Belgium for continuing the work – ‘Performing Qualia | 2 | had its premiere in June 2010 in Antwerp/Troubleyn, further shown in Les Brigittines/Brussels in December 2010 and in Netwerk Aalst adapated as a videoinstallation.

In 2011 she toured the pieces “Giant City” and “A Dance For The Newest Age” and starts her research on a new piece – “REDEFINE” - with residencies in PACT Zollverein/Essen, De Pianofabriek, Workspace Brussels and Summerstudios/PARTS.

She teaches dance as a guest docent in the architecture department in the St.Lucas University in Brussels as well as giving workshops in Brussels, Leuven, Konstanz and Vienna.

Furthermore she has been dancing and performing in various improvisation projects, collaborating with, among others, Florence Augendre and Julien Bruneau.

In 1996 and 2001 she receives the DanceWeb Scholarship for the ImpulsTanzfestival in Vienna, in 2000 she receives a scholarship for the research project ‘Gender Behaviour and Codification of Gesture’ led by Diane Thor (NY) in Lisbon.
In 2008 she intensively studies improvisation and contact improvisation in New York and Massachusetts, amongst others with Barbara Mahler and Nancy Stark Smith.