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Residue_s ZSenne DOLORES HULAN


23/2/2015 > 6/3/2015  working residency

werkt 2 weken in ZSenne om nieuw werk te ontwikkelen (vertaling niet beschikbaar)

works for almost 2 weeks in ZSenne developing new work.

RESIDUE_S  A project by Dolores Hulan

How can we yield towards a/our future in a manner of reduction or quieting things down as opposed to speeding things up and multiplying them?
In this moment we call the present, in this moment where past and future meet, how can this moment be used to consciously make some sort of shift, or at least rise an awareness towards it?
How could we value and take time to stop and witness and through this simple witnessing pause instead of adding on?
Could we then maybe carve out and discover the residues and more subtle traces of events?

Linking this chain of thought to my current artistic/movement practice - what I would like to examine in my current research is the question of what remains, what are the traces, what are the residues of actions, more precisely I am interested in the residues of both sound and movement, and possibly also language/voice.

What do notions of “reducing rather than producing” mean, and is that even possible? How can i rather 'take away' than 'add on' - and, again: is that even possible? And can that be expressed through the body, through movement, through language/voice?

Possibly investigating in the overstimulation, overproduction, overflowing and filling up versus its opposite - values of notions such as silence, sleep, pauses, quietness. Fullness versus emptiness.