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Soap for Foam - Michiel Reynaert

Communication research a.pass
INVITATION for a One on One performance / lecture, only by appointment with Michiel
ONGOING ENDPRESENTATION Saturday 29th of October and Sunday 30th of October 14.00 > 18.00

This performance-lecture for one listener deals with the relation between thought and experience and how they get entangled when we consider “the experience of thought”. Foam is the image for this entanglement.
The performance takes about 20 minutes and each visitor has also 20 minutes afterwards to continue the dialogue beyond the script.

"(...) Of course it's an illusion to think that what captures us and locks us in our lives, is reducible to this ever flattening locus called the television screen. Even if I consider it a terrible omen that those screens are growing ever bigger and at the same time are proportioned more and more to fit discreetly into our habitations. 
I thought: if television glues viewers to its screen, without the slightest chance of escape in the case of soap's daily feed, then perhaps I can at least wake up my colleagues, the actors. So I fantasized about a hypnotic script to make them aware of the arsenic at work in this magic living room machine. (...)"