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OPEN CALL      Co- (lab) / ZSenne Art Lab: collaboration and collectivity

Mon. Sept 19 - Sun. Sept 25
ZSenne Art Lab | 2, rue Anneessensstraat, 1000 – Brussels
Participation is free. 
Note: It is not required to attend everyday. We will develop a schedule which includes both day and evenings.
To apply please email:

Bains Connective artists in residence, Jasmin Schaitl and William "Bilwa" Costa are searching for artists to participate in Co- (lab) / ZSenne Art Lab: collaboration and collectivity; which they will co-lead with Elisabeth Schilling.
Artists of various disciplines and levels, university to professional, are welcome to participate.

Co- (lab) is a site-relative lab, consisting of performing and visual artists of various disciplines and levels, from university to professional. Working solo, in small groups, and as an entire group, we will develop scores and performance material addressing the topics of collaboration and collectivity.
During the lab, we will focus on the specific physical characteristics of the ZSenne Art Lab, and how we, individually and as a group, assess, relate, and respond to them. Bilwa, Jasmin, and Elisabeth, will initially rotate in leading the lab, introducing and proposing techniques from their personal practices and research methods. Each participant will also have an opportunity to lead the lab.
We will use material developed during the lab research to create thematic, time-based, and graphic scores and structures for movement, sound, and visual performances. Using techniques of reduction and refinement, we will create works based on our research during that week.
The lab will culminate in solo, duo, and/or group performances by the lab participants.


Schaitl / Costa
In July 2013, Jasmin Schaitl (AT) and William “Bilwa” Costa (US) began a collaborative duo. Since then they have been active throughout Europe, and in the UK, US, and Mexico.
The two artists direct and tour interdisciplinary group performances, have an ongoing series of duo performances, create video works and photography, organize artist labs, and further their research through leading workshops. Jasmin and Bilwa put equal emphasis on : body and movement, creation of and focus on sound, visual objects and the use of materials in their performances. Often they collaborate with choreographers, dancers, theatre-makers, sound artists, and visual artists.

Elisabeth Schilling
Elisabeth Schilling is a dancer / choreographer working between London, Berlin and Luxembourg. She trained at Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium Frankfurt, TrinityLaban Conservatoire of Music and Dance as well as London Contemporary Dance School, graduating with an MA in Contemporary Dance with Distinction. Elisabeth has performed for dance companies and independent artists in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK.
In 2013, Elisabeth started her movement research, which primarily investigates movement qualities and textures and their composition in time and space. This research has been inspired by her love for contemporary music and especially by the compositional work of György Ligeti, Krzysztof Penderecki and John Cage. Furthermore, this research is an ongoing investigation in the field of improvisation. Elisabeth has thereby been fundamentally inspired by the artistic work of Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Ohad Nahrain’s Gaga Technik, Trisha Brown, Merce Cunningham, William Forsythe, Meg Stuart, Joe Moran and Deborah Hay amongst others.
She is mainly interested in the emergence of spontaneous compositions within time and space as well as the echo of movement within these entities. As part of her movement research, Elisabeth draws scores which illustrate sensations of movement qualities and textures as well as spatial and dynamic composition.

Their interest is to extract and reduce the essence of an action; visually, sonically and thematically.