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Lilification collaborators


Helena Dietrich is an artist from Munich, Germany, currently doing a postgraduate research project in a.pass (Advanced performance and scenography studies) in Brussels. In her two week residency in ZSenne she works and experiments for her a.pass project: "LILI – a tool for relating" deals with construction of the self and methods to relate differently to the self, to establish through that a different approach to collectivity. In her work she experiments with tools from various contexts to challenge our relations to self and its ideologies.

David Chavez is currently living in Brussels and Mexico, a psychic intuitive healer, sexual healer and artist. He offers Tantra, individual channeling, spiritual coaching sessions and teaches at Tantric and energy healing workshops in Europe and in Mexico. As a self taught artist his plastic expression is mainly through painting and drawings with a variety of means. Healing meets art as he uses chanting to tune in with his inner and multidimensional self, leaving the mind to witness the process and supporting the technical part of his creations. 

Voin de Voin is a Bulgarian artist currently living and working in Berlin since 2008. Sariev Gallery in Plovdiv, Bulgaria represents him. He studied art at the Rietveld Academy and did advanced research in performance at the DasArts Institute in Amsterdam. In his work he combines performance, installation and social experiments. 

His aim is to create new connections between the private and the collective, establish new systems of thinking and offer unique experiences to his audience by creating environments where the borders between performer and public are merged. Recently he started creating his own curating platform, covering political, sexual and experimental art intersections. 
His work has been shown in various festivals and places like Nylo living art museum (Iceland), Museum Quartier (Vienna), Tanya Leighton gallery (Berlin), Moma (New York), Istanbul Contemporary, Documenta 13 and others.

Veridiana Zurita works with performance, video and text. The formats of her work don't really matter since they are consequences of her practice and not a given rule. She mainly starts with a personal question, a worry or an urgency. A need to experiment the relations between self and the other, its roles and phantasmagorias.