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FuRless Animals Things


residentie van 14/12/2015 > 20/12/2015  +  4/1/2016 > 10/1/2016  ism. Hiros vzw

Furless Animals Things is part of a trajectory of Marcos Simoes and Sara Manente about collaborating, making and presenting a performance inspired by “paranormal” experiences between people who know each other in an extra-ordinary way. 

The work will take the shape of a duo performance with the intervention of a tarot reader. The performance deals with ideas of cohabitation and juxtaposition and starts from preexisting materials from our previous project “This place”. 

In This place the use of practices inspired by extra-sensorial perception, e.g. Telepathy, were the starting point to create a collaborative performance. In Furless Animals Things practically we will work on the idea of juxtaposition, starting from 3 concrete but very different materials: 

- a performance practice of forced agreement 

- a group tarot reading for the audience as a community 

- the use of subtitles as a practice to juxtapose theatrical elements of different nature. 

We will work with the three materials separately and make them coexist; letting different layers of readings emerge.