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Doing - Nothing, Not - Doing and Leisure




17 > 23/9/2012 Christiane Huber




Doing - Nothing, Not - Doing and Leisure


It is an exercise for everybody exploring our relationship to work, doing, time and our personal happiness.
In a week-long research the german artist and psychologist will document, discuss and share her 4month - long self- study, in order to find principles for Doing - Nothing, Not - Doing and Leisure while working and living a social life.


Participating and Drinks, Thursday 20th of september (time will be announced) BAGS: performance by Heike Langsdorf (time will be announced)


Christiane Huber (Altötting/ Germany, 1973) studied acting and psychology and works as a performer and director in Munich and Brussels. After several artistical projects with homeless people in various german cities her work focuses on social interaction and participation in urban and rural environment. Her current research project Doing - Nothing, Not - Doing and Leisure is the result of an examination of the structure of democratic learning and a severe accident that left her left hand paralyzed for six month.