bio-autonomous female farming

Residentie 18/2 > 4/3/2018  

OPEN DOORS sat 3 + Zon 4 Maart

Tijdens haar residentie onderzoekt Isabel Burr Raty met andere kunstenaars een systeem en manieren om vrouwelijke bio-autonome methodes te gebruiken voor de productie van bio-schoonheidsproducten die ze maakt met vrouwelijke genitale vochten.

During the residency at ZSenne Art Lab, Isabel Burr Raty will be researching with a group of artists on a system and tools that will allow her to disseminate a bio-autonomous female farming method for the production of beauty bio-products that she manufactures using female genital fluids.

On Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March doors will open for visitors that will like to enquire on what is this all about and observe the construction process of Menses antidote, an electronic totem that fabricates a curing tonic with menstrual blood.


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