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ZSenne Artlab revisited CHARLOTTE BOUCKAERT



During 4 days Charlotte Bouckaert will explore the distinct characteristics of the space Artlab ZSenne. She did this before in her first residency in 2012.
Two years later she re-visits the space, this time emphasising the creation of an installation on the basis of photographs, projection, transparents, glass plates, …
She wants to develop the mechanisms et strategies which are transportable to other spaces in later phases of her artistic trajectory.
More specifically Bouckaert will enlarge and emphasise the characteristics of ZSenne, hide them or make them on the contrary more visible, by focussing on its anomalies.
With this she mainly will work on the high degree of reflection in the windows and the square versus the curved doorway.
In this residency, working with perspective will be the focus. Bouckaert is interested in how from one point of view things fit together, making the image look true. But if one stands on another place in the space the fitting is not visible or creates confusion. For the viewer it’s another feeling, as if the focus of a camera is displaced.