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Young Girls Wanna Dance Their Spirit


residentie 22/4 > 28/4/2019 Een groepje jonge teenager vrouwen onderzoeken samen sexualiteit, dansen en hun lichaam-dat-in-de-wereld-staat. Niet vanuit het beeld, niet vanuit het buitenstaanders perspectief, maar van binnenuit, vanuit de angstaanjagende intimiteit om dichtbij jezelf te zijn. A new performance by Lilach Livne 3 showings as part of Day of Dance 2019, Brussels When: Friday 26/4 - at 19:00h Saturday - 27/4 - at 18:00h & at 22:00h With Shay Kukui, Amit Tine, Yael Weiss, Gal Levinson, Nunzia Picciallo, Nitzan Shafran, Tamar Even Chen, Oran Barak, May Manovich, Yuval Finkelshtein Artistic Assistant & Installation: Tal Haring Thanks to Moran Sivan, Efrat Nevo, Shir Sternberg; the team of the 'Non-Image' Movement. Production support: Mandel Center TLV, Tights: Dance & Thoughts, La Collectiz! programm, Choreograhers Associaion. What? Young Girls Wanna Dance Their Spirit A group of women-teens explore sexuality, dance and their 'body-being-in-the-world' together, not from the image, not from the outside viewer perspective, but from within - from the frightrning intimacy of being close to yourself. The 'Young Girls' experience their being through Lilach's practice of the "Non-Image" and the "Neo-Abstract", trying to touch the hidden technique of believing. They explore together ways of appearance of the unpredictable dance, through their visible spirit. The work honestly paints a sensual portrait of transformation towards the understanding of - How Deep Is Our Love? YGWDTS is a hyper reflective space, a complex reality, a trip, a cult, a never ending experiment, an alternative world, a new form of life, a way of thinking, a place where the metaphysical and the spiritual become a material, an actual dance, a sensual wish and more than all – a way to hang out with friends.