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Workshop / Performance

Residentie 12/11 > 18/11/2018 

Project title: Workshop/Performance

Deze workshop onderzoekt de relaties tussen samenspelen en een performance maken.


At ZSenne Art Lab, Butch Merigoni is presenting is a project called “Workshop/Performance”. This is a half workshop, half performance event that explores the relationships between physical play and performance making. Participants play games like “tag” and “repeat that sequence” to broaden an awareness of the present moment, expand capacities for full body listening and cultivate a non-judgmental approach to the act of art making. The motive here is to playfully gain an awareness of and a confidence in the ever-changing moment. Then to use that awareness in creating an impromptu performance.

Hour 1: Playground Games
Using games like ‘red light/green light’ and ‘capture the flag’, this section focuses on cultivating moment to moment awareness. It also asks participants listen to what the games ask of them and to respond to those requests without concern for success or failure.  

Hour 2: Unplanned Performance
Using a series of pre-established tasks and actions, participants will create an unplanned, collaborative performance. This section asks not that performers create a well crafted performance, but to explore uncharted and unpredictable modes of solo and collaborative art making.  

Days and times of workshop: 15, 16, 17 & 18 November 14,00-16,30h 

*All are welcome to attend.
*This workshop will take place indoors and out.
*Admission is free.

Past Workshop/Performances: