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Residency: 12-18 November 2018

Butch Merigoni


This workshop explores the relationships between collaborative play and performance making. Games like “tag” and “repeat that sequence” broaden an awareness of the present moment, expand capacities for full body listening and cultivate a non-judgmental approach to the act of collaboration. The motive here is to playfully gain focus and confidence in oneself. To collaborate and create an impromptu performance without attachment to success or failure.

Plan of Action
Hour 1: Games you haven’t played in forever
We’ll play a series of games like “four corners” and “capture the flag”. These will prepare us for the performance to come.

Hour 2: A big ole unplanned performance
A big ole unplanned performance with a room full of strangers.

ZSenne Art Lab
15-18 November 2018 14:00-16:30 each day

*All are welcome to attend, even if you haven’t played tag in forever. Participants should wear sneakers, comfortable clothing and be prepared to run around.

Past Workshop/Performances

Butch Merigoni is a drummer and arts educator based in Brooklyn, New York. After finishing graduate school in 2005 his work evolved from painting, to playing drums and choreographing movement and performance. A progression instigated by the aim to honor those unplanned situations, performative or not, that come and go as they please.
His current projects include the band, Beasty, a bass, drums and guitar trio that make aggressively angular songs. Their second album, Bernard Hopkins, will be out next summer, 2019. He also leads ‘Workshop/ Performance' in universities and as a professional development activity for elementary school teachers. Following his ZSenne residency, Butch will lead ‘Workshop/Performance’ at The So & So Arts Club in London on November 23rd.