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Work about Angels


Residentie van 14/9/2015 tot 27/9/2015, alternerend met Lilia Mestre

Work about Angels is een projekt dat wil omgaan met het engelachtige vanuit een nieuw denken. Het gaat over het opbouwen van het transcendentale, en het probleem om dit zichtbaar te maken, over de pogingen om zijn structuren te onderzoeken en erin aanwezig te zijn. Engelen zijn wezens van het interval. Ik ga proberen om ruimtes te openen die we als begrenst, onmogelijk beschouwen, en daarin mijn praktijk beoefenen. Ik voeg het engelachtige niet alleen toe aan het lichaam, maar ook aan de taal, om hierin mogelijkheden te vinden. 
"Work about Angels" is a project that seeks to deal with the angelical from within a new thought. It is about constructing the transcendental, the problematic of making it to appear, it is about the efforts of exploring its structures and reside in them. The angels are creatures of the interval. I want to open up spaces that consider as thresholds, impossible spaces, and to practice them, I am inserting the angelical not just to the body but also to language, in order to find potentials in there. 
In this residency I will practice centers from the work' rhizome, asking to understand how to touch this field that I see as a "landscape", how and what I will speak and do from this foggy lands, what does this trip between from and to in-betweens wants?
I see myself as the laboratory worker of this work and also the lab itself. My name, in Hebrew, means "my forest". I will work on activating the gallery space as a protected locus, a site for the articulation of a forest as a continuation of my work which been done outside in the woods. It is an attempt to apply elements from the angelical in other conditions, entering to an erotic realm in order to disappear and to come differently. 
Further, I will do poetry on a pottery wheel, which will be a ritualistic activity of producing vessels in a constant movement of becoming - between the poet and the poem, the medium and the message, the production of intervals while registration of their contours generated from and by a membrane body. 
Yaari Shalem
born 1985 in Israel, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Currently attending a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies). Graduated with Honors Minshar for Art Institute in Fine Arts Department and Creative Writing Department, TLV Israel (2011). Has background in philosophy and dance. Owner of America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award in Fine-Art. Exhibited in group shows in Israel, performed her creations and collaborated in festivals in Israel and in events in Belgium and France. Published poetry and other works in Hebrew anthologies and journals. +32(0)485694860