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Universal Minutes is a sociological action to stop time. Davis Freeman/Random Scream vzw. with the support of SommerSzene invited 12 local and international photographers to Salzburg July 5 - 8, 2001 where they are asked to each take a photograph every day at 21:34. Within this minute they could take as many photographs as they wanted but in the end could only choose one. The project Universal Minutes is created by its limitations but the photographers themselves decide the content.Universal Minutes aims to focus attention to the multiplicity of dimensions occurring in the exact same moment in time. It allows the eye of both the public and photographer to view the choice made to create each photograph while also exposing worlds we don't come in contact with and questioning those which we choose to ignore.  Each photograph will have an impact on its own but more importantly in relationship to the other 11 photographs taken each day. Universal Minutes is another extension of the reoccurring themes of multiplicity and change. In the end project asks for the sociological and personal vision of the photographers to choose on what level they want to express themselves in the context of Salzburg's surroundings. While we the public will have an overview of these photographs and contextualize them in relation and contrast to one another.