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Turning Backwards never made me dizzy

residentie 30/11 > 13/12/2020

Expositie opening:
Vrijdag 11 december van 16.00 tot 19.00
Zaterdag 12 december van 13.00 tot 17.00

De expositie en de performance kan vanaf de straat, door het raam worden bekeken. Vergeet niet om 1,5 m afstand van elkaar te houden. Als u de expositie binnen wil bekijken kunt u een afspraak maken en een email sturen naar: of of

Exhibition opening: Friday 11th of  December between 16.00-19.00  Saturday 12th of December between 13.00-17.00

The exhibition and the performance can be viewed from the street, through the window. Keep in mind to stay 1,5 m apart from each other. You can also make an appointment to see the exhibition by sending an email to:,


Marcin Kamiński
Untitled   Installation

Marcin Kamiński (Poland) is a conceptual artist working with performance, video, text and installation.

Leonie Kuipers
I wrote them down in two places   Performance, prints on textile
Performance on on a ballet barre. In collaboration with dancer Eimi Leggett

Leonie Kuipers (Netherlands) is a visual artist, with a background in contemporary dance. Her interests include fiction / non - fiction, staging, the everyday life, exhibition spaces and strategies of secretiveness.

Qiteng Wu
I’ll see you later. All the best,
      An object, a letter, and a few photos. 
The show time is unknown

Qiteng Wu (China) is an artist based in Amsterdam. His works must derive from him as a person. He is still exploring his interests.