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rightnow Renée Copraij and I are again busy with 
sitting with the body 
ZSenne artlab
rue Anneessensstraat 2
1000 BXL
showing - research
Donderdag, 16/5 we will show what we developed this time, 
concentrating on movement, derivating directly from the yoga-principles we use 
- (as opposed to the movement samples presented in February ...) 
... just pass by between 18:00 and 19:00 and stay for a moment on your way to or from somewhere else !
sitting and/or reading 
Saturday, 18/5
you are invited to come and sit and/or read through text references, assembled until now for further investigation into 'the sacred' and 'the spiritual'. If you have similar questions to - "what does yoga actually mean?", "what is a sutra?", "why didn't Catholicism develop a similar body-practice?", "why is yoga not a religion?", "what does it mean to withdraw from the senses?" - just come and bring them with you! - If you have answers bring them as well! ;)
Sitting takes place at 8:3014:00 and 17:30 (just arrive 15 minutes before) ...
Reading takes place between  14:00 and 17:00 - drop by whenever you want!
Sunday, 19/5
there will be a workshop given by Renée in ZSenne for people who worked with Heike until now on the various 'sittings' since November last year. There might be still some free space in the room - let us know in case you as well are interested in joining us that day.
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photo: Renée Copraij