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Shankar Lestrehan

Shankar Lestrehan is the new resident at ZSenne ArtLab 28/02 > 13/03/2022


During my time at ZSenneArtLab, I will start a project named “Architecture of Fire”.
An experimental work, as immersive as possible. There, as an environment, to gather multiple sources, 
productions and concepts and ‘build’ a reflexion undercover the title.
The proposition will intend signify new spaces and perspectives by exploring with lights, sounds and bodies, 
a certain atmosphere suitable for new or older forms. 
How appropriate is this atmosphere to collide or never encounter in a same space.
'Architecture of Fire’ spontaneously welcomes other artists to participate. 
On the opening evening, "ASP doze" a duo of musicians will be playing some of their latest tracks.

Opening 6.30pm, Friday 11th of March 2022.