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Sam Vanoverschelde

Sam Vanoverschelde is the new resident at ZSenne ArtLab 07/11 to 13/11

Sam Vanoverschelde is at ZSenne Artlab again for a residency presenting some current projects. In preparation of the group exhibition ‘Archives Gone Wild/Fictive Archives Investigations’ at ISELP (January 26th to March 25th 2023) he’s investigating several lines of work. Within this group other artists take on the archive materials that Sam’s great-grand-aunt Molly English left. Those archives were previously presented at ZSenne during a live stream ‘the outs and abouts of Molly English’. Photographer and historian Philippe Black(BE) and linguist and visual artist Julian Walker(UK) create new work with that archive material from their proper perspectives while Sam is currently working on drawings, photo’s and a new film based on the archive material they proposed.
Next to that work in progress, there will be previous works on display from the Marklin and the Universal Minutes projects and a startup of a new visual experiment with obsolete objects and packagings within the framework of the ’Survival Social Club’ 

Feel free to drop by Thursday to Saturday, from 12 to 19h. 

’the outs and abouts of Molly English’ / ‘Marklin’‘Universal Minutes’ / 'Survival Social Club’