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Portraits “Circus Maximus” sociodelic project

Residentie: 18/2 >24/2/2019

Ignacio schildert portretten, als een "socio-delict portret" van Brussel, eindigend met een toonmoment/performance "Sacrifice" op zaterdag.
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I want to create the “sociodelic portrait” of Brussels on february 2019.

For that, i will be during 1 week of residence living at Zsenne Art Lab making “sociodelic portraits” of diferent people who are living in this city. At the end of it, I will present the last part of this project in the showing “Sacrifice”.

“Sociodelic portrait”: It is a portrait in which I take into consideration 12 dimensions that make up my idea of reality. These dimensions are: The right sense, plasma garden, present, past, future, positive, negative, physical, ethereal, east, west, fantasy).

“Circus Maximus” : A new art lie by Ignacio Galilea. 
"The reality changes constantly according to the moment and the environment. The fixed concepts do not exist. Any affirmation is a lie. I am only a taxidermist of the time”. 

Sunday 17th to Thursday 21th: from 11h to 23h ... portraits at Zsenne. (make your apointment). 
Saturday 23th: 18h opening: “Sacrifice” - End Showing Residence.
Sunday 24th:  open exhibition from14h to 19h.

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