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Next incarnation of Double

Post a.pass residentie 25/9 > 1/10/2017

I would like to continue my research on invasive species and explore further how these species could give way to shaping new places of encounter. During my residency, I will take the first step into this exploration by diving into related literature and more visual forms of communication.

I was thinking to use the residency to try out the next incarnation of  Double, one of the "scetches" i made when i was in a.pass
one big IF: if the technicalities work out as planned...
Otherwise it will be a general working thing to work on ATLAS (the combination of all the "scetches" made at a.pass)
in one way or the other.
I would use the last day of the residency as a try out for invited people, I think, and for those who are intrested...
Well thats the idea...