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LIVING SOFT WARE September 18th 02:07 - 03:33'


Ik ben opgewonden u uit te nodigen kennis te maken met mijn werk  'LIVING SOFT WARE September 18th 02:07 - 03:33', 
een beweging, geluid en video installatie en ook een tentoonstelling op zich.  Deuren gaan open op maandag 9 nov.
De ruimte wordt elke avond geactiveerd 20.00u tot zaterdag 14 nov.

Excited to invite you to witness the results of my work 'Living Soft Ware September 18th 02:07 - 03:33'in ZSenne art lab.
It is movement sound and video installation as well as an exhibition in itself. Doors open on Monday. 
The space will be activated every evening at 20.00h from Monday 9 till Saturday 14 November.

lees meer, info:    Work Space Brussels Website  



Software - Soft War
White noise - Touch
Not silence but uninterrupted noise, not a red desert but ccccooooogooonitivesss
One living room combining two realms: a virtual and a material one: both as real as the body immersed in them.
The virtual realm vibrates through cables and air, a visualization of the energies afloat through space, reaching towards living rooms in other parts of the world. The installation expands and stretches the virtual world until its theatricality becomes
undeniably visual.
The material realm of all different types of texture, a world where touch is everything: a gaping contradiction to the virtual dance Stav Yeini induces.
Stav resides in this space; she activates it, coordinates it and gets lived by it, through it. Her presence assures us that the theatrical space can be limitless, pushes us to reflect on the boundaries and even concept of reality.
                                                                                            Artificially induced UTOPIA - The double bind.
Becoming Hyper Real // The loss of critical competence.


ZSenne vzw wordt gesteund door
de Stad Brussel Dienst Cultuur en
de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest