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JULIA CLEVER Performing Liberation (Only)


Residentie 14/4 > 4/5/2014

in voorbereiding van de a.pass presentatie.
in preparation of her a.pass presentation.

In her project “Performing Liberation (Only)”, Julia Clever is investigating affective embodiment of memory in Belgian “Living History” movements of WWII.

Over the last years, Julia Clever has been visiting their events and videorecorded field notes. Parts of her archive are now accessible and reactivated at Artlab ZSenne.


Work in progress open at ZSenne: Wednesday 30 April, 18-21:30 h,  
30 April – 2 May: 17-20h.

The results of this residency can be seen during the final presentations of a.pass on the 16 and 17May at the Botttelarij, Delaunoystraat 58-64, B17 , 1080 Brussels (Molenbeek), Belgium 

Thanks to: a.pass, Emiel Luc Rooman, the a.pass participants, Eva Kerremans, Steven Jouwersma