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Irina Lavrinovic is the new resident at ZSenne Art Lab 16/10 < 29/10

The Birth of Dionysus


In this residency the Dionysian Portal research network is gathered  in order to explore the birth story(s) of the Greek god of theater, Dionysus.  We dive into the mythical labor pains of his mother(s) asking how drama and tragedy can lead to catharsis and joy. Within the current rise of raging conflicts around the world, we wonder how Dionysus’ spiraling energy and chaotic response-ability can help to transform our troubles into a radical celebration.  


The Dionysian Portal is a network of people who are studying, alone and together, the energy of Dionysus via artistic practice, discussion, prayer, ritual, performance, devotion, the making of alternative communities and the joy of being with nature.  


Participants: Irina Lavrinovic, Asher Lev, Nathaniel Moore, Hélène Lacrosse, Thomas Proksch, Giulia Piana, Sofia Kakouri, Robert Steijn