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Ioana Mandrescu is the new resident at ZSenne ArtLab 27/02 < 12/03

About Ioana Mandrescu:


Trained as a classical musician, Ioana Mandrescu is a sound artist based in Brussels. She is deeply curious in expanding her sonic vocabulary into performative acts, data sonification, and psychological aspects of sound perception. Mandrescu is the founding member of several contemporary music groups performing internationally: The unDefined Quartet, Quivir Ensemble, and Opia Ensemble. In 2019 she participated in The Word Radio series FAIR_PLAY as an emerging female composer. Mandrescu has been exhibiting and performing her works in Belgium and internationally since 2015.


About the project:


Takotsubo is the title of her ongoing research project and a medical name derived from Japanese, a name for a cardiac dysfunction, also known as “the broken heart syndrome”. This condition affects, for the most part, women. The project raises the question of how we can put forth the subtle traces that memories leave on the body. During her residency in ZS Mandrescu will be looking into the potential of using medical data of one’s dysfunctional heart for creating a sensory experience shaped from within the body. Starting from a sonic interpretation of numerical ECG readings, Mandrescu suggests treating an ECG graph as a graphic score with precise indications of the performance. 



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