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Check the program in The day of the dance Brussels - April 29th ZSenne ArtLab  - the doors will be open most of the day and some of the night. 

Soundscapes for siestas AMP that color The room in pink blue silver with hot & cold-hot bodies, it's a blue green river, fields re-coded and without nostalgia , wiring the bones with silk_ and a song on your skins
A tune for you to stay close to^^_^^ 
Made possible thanks to the luxurious amazing collaborators from all over the fields of dance, choreography, sound, technology, medicine,visual art, education (of the future)  ---___---___---
Thank u all beautiful people things and becoming collaborators that continuously making this happen and happen, directly and indirectly .

__Ground+ is the current stage of my research; a hybrid of sound as a tactile element and aroma therapy.  Collaboration with Nimrod Astrahan (tech, sound) Operated by somebody with enhanced proprioception who come into dialogue with their own bodies, other bodies and their surroundings. Technology is being addressed as a therapeutic tool to create grounding, nurturing and charging environments together with the use of fragrance of plants essences.
You are welcome to taste this with us - If you can't make it on the 29th you can come say hi from Wednesday afternoon and every afternoon ever since.

ZSenne Artlab 
rue Anneessensstraat 2, 
1000 Brussel, 
                                                                                                                         Tenderness is near