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Galeazzi the performance event 6/7/12

Dear friends

In order to wrap up this first phase of working with the CO Project I would like to invite you to some experiments:

Friday 6th July // 18:00 // ZSenne (Rue Anneessensstraat 2 / 1000 Brussels)

CO: Noise as Protocol.

Experiment in three parts:
1. performance         18:00h    
2. presentation        19:30h
3. concert             20:00h

I often introduced the work about CO with the revelation I had when I was looking into the intestacies of the copy-machine I dissected during the first night of my residency at ZSenne: an enterprise called Hewlett Packard collected some plastic, some metal and other stuff, some energy and money, some human resourses and knowledge together and mingled everything to an oeuvre, which somehow made sense for them.

Now, I took this 'sense' apart and tried to re-combine those materials into a format, which potentially could make sense for me and the people I'm in contact with.
- Art as a specific method of organising material in relation to human interaction. -

After taking the copy machine apart, I asked people to respond in written form to the mechanics of the opened machine and to project their own notion of "CO" into it.
The fragments of texts and drawings produced were then rearranged into a to a Journal, during a residency at Frans Masareelcentrum in Kasterlee. Now, back in ZSenne the Journal serves as a score, to create new text and sound and will also be the basis for the performance on the 6th of July.



Hope to see you in ZSenne