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EYE // Appearance N°2


leenvandommelen.beResidentie 11/7 > 24/7/2022

Showing za 23/7 19u >21u doorlopend/ongoing

This is one of the appearances of I EYE.
Metamorphosing to different forms, inviting the audience in a bittersweet trip through the imagination of watching and being watched. Eyelashes that take over the space and enclose the spectator in their field of vision. An attempt to find a grip in an inner image that unfolds in every direction, the disintegration of oneself, one's own image, to the rhythm of a body out of rhythm, which escapes itself and loses itself.
Performed by Joséphine Jadot and Leen Van Dommelen.

With the support of VGC / Sparkling Solutions / ZSenne art lab / stray light vzw / En Archipel

Thanks to Pas (si) Fragile Festival / BUDA / WorkspaceBrussels /Tour à Plomb