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COPY CLUB schedule

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A short schedule
27th March: Robin Vanbesien is working in the space.
28th March: I'm there again in the afternoon, probably with Michiel
29th March: Heike Landsdorf is working the mirror cabinet in the scan-process.
Then the weekend so far no one is working there as I'm In P-af with Elke.
Monday 2nd April: I'm reworking the space and new contributions. And Christoph Ragg is starting working with me more continuously through the whole week.
Tuesday 3rd, there will be a dinner in the space with some Vip's of the CO scene! I'm working since a while with Christoph Ragg and was reflecting him in a very specific form of collaboration. There is a proposal of him in the air, and it makes much sense for me to discuss the proposal within my process.
Wednesday 4th Brno will work with me. Probably there will be an event out of this encounter in the next phase.
Thursday 5th Heike and me would perform in the mirror cabinet of the scan process through out the day. I still have to talk to her if we should announce it or not.
Friday 6th there should be the mid-time-openning of CO process. Calling : PAPER - JAM
For that I will give you a first text for that soon, but I'm sure there should be a second text shortly before reacting on the current situation then.
Saturday 7th I will digest, and put things together for Frans M...
and Sunday is rest-ing day - the day of dealing with the leftover ;-)
All the best