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bio-autonomous female farming

Residentie 18/2 > 4/3/2018  

We are delighted to invite you to Isabel Burr Raty’s - ZSenne residency presentation:  


This Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 18:00 hrs @ ZSenne art lab

Tijdens haar residentie onderzoekt Isabel Burr Raty met andere kunstenaars een systeem en manieren om vrouwelijke bio-autonome methodes te gebruiken voor de productie van bio-schoonheidsproducten die ze maakt met vrouwelijke genitale vochten.

In this presentation Isabel will be guiding a tour-focus through the research and prototype of the first version of the Beauty Kit Female Farm  0.1 that will happen in June 2018 in the countryside of Portugal. Here she will be working with a team of facilitators and a group of participants, coming from different continents, in the trying out of a female farming system that up-scales the production level of the beauty bio-products that Isabel manufactures using female genital fluids. 

During her residency at ZSenne, Isabel has been researching and working in collaboration with a group of artists around the farming tools and activities in relationship to the site specific conditions of Cultivamos Cultura, the venue where the BKFF 0.1 will take place.

Isabel has also been working, in collaboration with Tim Vets, on the construction of Menses Antidote, an electronic totem that manufactures a cure-tonic with a healing feminine substance.


The Farm Focus-tour begins at 18:00h and the showing of the construction process of Menses Antidote is at 19:30 with drinks and nice little things to pick up with the fingers.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


If you can't make it this time, please take note that Menses Antidote electronic totem will be shown for one entire moon cycle in Constant_V, with a vernissage on the 31st of March 2018. 

Menses Antidote in production

Supported by the Flemish Community Commission of Brussels (VGC), Constant, ZSenne art lab, Waag Society Amsterdam

Electronic design & programming Tim Vets

Graphic design Miriam Hempel

Created & performed by Isabel Burr Raty


Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.1 in process
Supported by Nadine Wondering Arts Biennale, ZSenne art lab 

Co-produced by Cultivamos Cultura Portugal

Farm artists facilitators + collaborators + contributors Elke Van Campenhout, Robin Faure, Rares Cruit, Helena Dietrich, Camila Montero Elgueta
Farm advisors Gosie Vervloessem, Pierre Rubio, Spela Petric, Einat Tuchman

Farm guest-artist participants soon to be announced!

Farm Curators & hosts Marta de Meneses & Dalila Honorato

Farm manager + producer Isabel Burr Raty


ZSenne art lab address 

2, rue Anneessensstraat
1000 - Brussel / Bruxelles
België / Belgique


Isabel Burr Raty is an independent filmmaker and performance artist based in Brussels, intertwining new media, body art and participatory performance, to create hybrid narratives that compose in situ sci fi stories and play with synthetic magic.