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Between touch and spoken language --- Attempts to score thingness’s


Residentie van 14/9/2015 tot 27/9/2015, alternerend met Yaari Shelom

Deze residentie is het begin van de ontwikkeling van een nieuw idee voor een choreografie. Ik zal werken op methodes om twee soorten onderzoek samen te brengen. Eén gaat over aanraken, als een gecodeerd communicatiemiddel om te leren over wat we fysiek tegenkomen, het andere over taal als een gecodeerd communicatiemiddel om uit onze relatie tot de wereld uit te drukken.

This residency is the very beginning of a new idea for a choreography. I’ll be working on scores to bring to relation two kinds of explorations. One exploration is on touch, as an interface for learning about what we encounter physically, and the other on language, as an interface to express our relation to the world. 

Lilia Mestre (1968) is a Portuguese performing artist and researcher living and working in Brussels. Since 1994 she has been a freelance dancer and performer, has developed a number of collaborations with several artists and has created her own work. She was one of the founding members of Bains Connective Art Laboratory in Brussels where she took the role of project dramaturge in 2006 and artistic coordinator in 2009. In this context she developed Thematics a yearly research residency project and RECOmmerce a project for art in public space. She has been working at a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies in Brussels) as curator, mentor and workshop leader since its beginning, and is currently Associate Program Curator (2013-2016). Along with this she has been a dramaturge for several projects, teaches workshops on choreographic composition and also mentors occasionally in other education institutions as PARTS and Master of Choreography Amsterdam. In all her professional variants she is interested in choreographic systems where the relational becomes an active social and political tool. She believes shared experience is a ‘must’ on the process of individuation. In her research on the social body she gives special attention to the agency of all things and has been working with assemblages, scores and inter-subjective set ups as an artist, curator and teacher.