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BATTERY Full Program

13 December – 3 January
every weekday from 13:00 - 19:00
weekends 12:00 - 18.00
Natural History Museum of Hope: the gallery is open for visitors that want to bring in or exchange a Hope Object, have their Tarot of Hope read to them, visit the Hope Library, watch the Hope Sessions movie, or just have a cup of tea and a bit of quiet in the Christmas chaos.

ongoing: research performance of the Battery workers in the windows of the gallery

Fri, 13 Dec, from 19.00 onwards
OPENING EVENT: The Natural History Museum opens its doors. We invite you to come with a Hope Object: an object that you associate with hope, or that actively produces it in your life. This is also the moment the researchers of Bureau d’Espoir introduce their work, and the Battery researchers start on their 22 days of confinement in the Battery boxes in the windows of the gallery. At 8. 30 there is theHope Sessions concert, a musical sampling event of the materials developed in the hope sessions interviews conducted by Bureau d’Espoir in the last months.   Throughout the evening we offer some heart warming drinks and a first experience of the anorexic food experiment.

Thu,19 December, 20.00
EVENT: Hope Session Dialogue: public discussion between theatre maker, writer and philosopher Pieter de Buysser and artistic researcher, theater maker and all-round thinker Geert Opsomer, on the subject of hope today, in politics, art, daily rituals and gift strategies.

Fri, 20 Dec, 18.00
EVENT: Anorexic Dinner I, hosted by Rares Craiut
In the last years Bureau d’Espoir has been looking into different strategies to deal with the loss of control we experience in our relation to food. Global foor industry, the implosion of the local food markets, health issues and ethical questions keep us occupied all the time. In response to this feeling of loss of control Bureau d’Espoir has developed Hunger artist and Anorexic strategies.
The anorexic dinners are an invitation to come and take part in the preparation and consummation of a dinner that tries to rethink the logics of our food consumption, and also make this an enjoyable experience.
If you want to join a dinner, please write to

Sun, 22 Dec 2013
EVENT: lecture Samuel Vriezen, the Location of Hope. Samuel Vriezen is a dutch pianist and composer  and philosopher and will talk about the location of hope in poetry and music practices.
CONCERT: Simon Loeffler is a Danish composer and performer. For Bureau d’Espoir he developed a silence concert, using the Battery boxes as amplifiers.

Thu, 26 Dec 2013 10.30-17.00
WORKSHOP: garbage forensics: what does our waste tell us about ourselves and the priorities we put forward in our lives and our patterns of consuming. Various Artists takes you on an explorative journey. Inscribe through hope
EVENT: Trash movies: 2 movies dealing with the phenomenon of living on trash in Rio de Janeiro. More than a sketch of a phenomenon, these two movies lay bare the very diverse strategies of the movie makers and the artists involved.

Fri, 27 Dec 2013 18.00
EVENT: Anorexic Dinner II, hosted by Rares Craiut

Fri, 3 Jan 2014  18.00
EVENT: Anorexic Dinner III, hosted by Rares Craiut

Closing of Bureau d’Espoir and last Hope Exchange