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ARThursday XPLOR

Residentie 29/4 > 5/5/2020 

Opening: do 2 mei 20:00u. open vrijdag en zaterdag. Live-radio op zondag

SoSucks. One of ARThursday's organizers. A passionate man with a vision openminded of art . He will show you for the first time a work mixed calligraphic art and Installation

Alice Améthyste. She is the producer of our teaser videos and photographer in our party ! She wants to work about her body.

Pablo Alvez Artinprocess. A performance artist in permanent testing, researching and listening mode. Promoting the emancipation of the felt, rather than depending on the visual and the sight. Extravagant in conventional spaces, only unconventional in the extravagant ones. Noticeable, but not always spectacular. Always an open invitation to experimentation without experience.

◥ François Harray Photographer
◥ Blasze - Photographer, music producer
◥ Rosebutch - Painter
◥ Chris Von Steiner - Illustrator
◥ Ángel Castillo Perona - Photographer

DJ: Arthur Scott

DJ: Manuszko (ARThursday)