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ADDER KLANK - concert 23/01 - 7:30 pm

When you think about these 4 musicians you'll immediately remember about the different groups and combinations they have in common (the 4tet with William Parker and Hamid Drake, Twenty One 4tet, Mo Faya, Frame Trio, Kabas, just to name few). But what really connect them is the passion for the music composed in the moment, the complicity, the fire and total commitment that you'll have the privilege to hear and see live. This will be one from a couple of concerts they'll do in The Netherlands and Belgium during January. On this one they are having a special guest, Gasper Piano, a key figure on the Brussels improv scene. 
Don't miss it!


ADDER KLANK - gatherings of
spontaneous sound collisions
(concert of improvised music)
Luís Vicente: trumpet
John Dikeman: sax
Gašper Piano: guitar
Nils Vermuelen: double bass
Aleksandar Škorić: drums
---tickets: 7 eur---
---bring your drinks, no bar!---

-pic of Luís Vicente by Cees Van de Ven
-pic of John Dikeman by Julia Raskova
-pic of Gašper Piano by Tom Armstrong
-pic of Aleksandar Škorić by Geert Vandepoele
-pic of Nils Vermuelen by Cees Van de Ven