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2012 / Nicolas Galleazzi / CO / Invitation

Dear Friends,

Several attempts to reassemble the CO-machine failed until now - it produced instead some nice paper jam.

For a first reading of an anthology of this paper jam, I would like open the doors at ZSenne art lab and to invite you
Saturday 6th open 18.00 till 21.00 / presentation mode at ca.19.00 / ZSenne, 2. Rue Anneessensstraat 1000 Brussels
By the way:

Lately I wrote to some people:
I would like to propose procedures for two or more people at the time, working in parallel in the space to engagement in a writing, discussing, bricollaging processes in response to a anatomised COpy-machine.
My goal is to reflect upon the Mechanics of CO, respectively your understanding of it, whereby CO includes every aspect of connection.
Each contributor selects a peace - or some related pieces - of the dismantled copy-maching in their functional relation to your understanding, experience or interest in CO. This description doesn't have to be finished, it rather has to build up a context of thoughts, which opens sloths for connections and other content. It has to be worked out as a bridge of thoughts which can be connected with other bridges in order to create various kinds of CO-mechanisms. The aim is to create a mutant manual of this new CO-machine, whereby no one has to know how it finally would work. Therefore a bridge can be created through any contributing happening in some way on, or with paper on any format.

If two people or more are working at the same time in the space, I would like to experiment with exchanging and adding to the description of the piece of each other. This means, that the unfinished bridges shall be continued by the CO partners present in the session.

In general: CO is the key to a new kind of understanding of the economic flow, happening between humans and objects. I'm interested to understand the complexity how things interacting with each other without being necessarily bind on a monetarian process, but transmitting and generating (distributing and consuming) information, energy and recources between various elements.
Beside of growth, the distribution of property and the speculation with it, are the main economic problematics to be discussed to day. Using a copy-machine as a reflection point is reacting to that in two ways: on the one side the copy reveals the problematic state of 'property' behind the original, on the other side the possibility of multiplication opens the door to growth and to distribution/share at the same time.

Through this process I hope to be able to create a certain kind of an open publication, which deals with a big variety and potentially big conflicts and contradictions between the contributions.

I hope this all makes somehow sense to you and the aim becomes clear, and of course I hope you somehow feel  to engage in this procedure.