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2011 / Davis Freeman / Moving Parts - Exposure




Opening: Tuesday 11/10/2011 18.00 > 21.00, with a drink.
Every day: 18.00 > 21.00 and expo of the pictures taken at Artpotheek.
Closing: Sunday 16/10/2011  18.00 > 21.00, with the final expo of the pictures taken.


Moving Parts is a video installation by Davis Freeman, which will be shown in ZSenne for one week.

No minors please, as the exhibit is sexually explicit.

Exposure is a photographic installation that guests are exclusively allowed to enter after having agreed to have a picture of themselves taken. He or she will then enter the exhibition space and place his or her photo.

Participants can choose a pose freely and without any restrictions. Everyone will receive a copy of the photo taken alongside with a personal pass that will allow access to all future exhibitions of Exposure.

After Leuven and Düsseldorf Exposure will keep on growing at ZSenne and ARTpotheek in Brussels.

You are invited to come and see the installation and participate in Davis' photo project.

*A collaboration with Random Scream
*With thanks to G.C. Ten Weyngaert